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Mission Statement: Artease Dance Collective strives to inspire audiences to live their lives more deeply and passionately by coalescing art and entertainment to bring high quality dance to new spaces.  

Founded in 2023, Artease Dance Collective draws from many styles including ballet, burlesque, gogo, and contemporary dance. We combine the artistry of concert dance with the packaging of luxury entertainment to connect with people in new ways. Although we offer a wide range of performance options, our work always brings a feminine elegance that is sure to elevate any event or show.

Artease Dance Collective was also created with artists' needs in mind. We believe in the power of collaboration to create the best possible product. We aim to showcase each artist's strengths and individuality as well as provide opportunities for professional development.

Meet the Director

Director/choreographer headshot

Annelise Eastes

Annelise Eastes has directed award winning collaborative projects, stage managed shows on the Las Vegas Strip, showcased her choreography internationally, managed dancers in nightclub settings, worked in accounting for arts and entertainment companies, and has performed professionally across several genres of dance. She has a B.F.A. in Ballet Performance from Butler University with a minor in Business Administration.

As Seen On

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For photos/videos of recent projects and performances, please check out our Instagram and Facebook pages. Extended videos for booking purposes are available upon request.


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If you like our work and want to support the creation of new acts, please check out our page on Patreon! You'll get access to exclusive photos and videos, behind the scenes footage, live streams, and more.

We love our patrons and truly consider them part of the team. You'll be the first to hear about any exciting new projects or achievements.


Subscriptions go towards funding costs such as artist wages, studio rentals, costume supplies, etc.

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