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Artease is dedicated to the creative process and we are constantly assembling new acts. Below are the acts we currently have available to perform. For full videos or to inquire about a bespoke act to fit your show or festival's theme, please contact us.


$100 Bill

This duet combines ballet and classic burlesque with a 1920’s twist. The dancers assist one another in their striptease for a flirty, yet elegant feel. This piece celebrates femininity, class, and artistry.


Lunar Resilience

This duet features contemporary ballet with a hint of burlesque. It was created as a response to the phenomenon of society only showing women exhibiting traditionally masculine behaviors as examples of "strong women". Our aim was to showcase femininity in a way that highlights women's fortitude.

Voodoo Games

This duet combines burlesque, ballet, contemporary dance, and shibari. The characters include a voodoo doll and the witch that controls her to depict BDSM power dynamics with a fantasy twist.


This solo combines ballet, burlesque, and contemporary dance to depict the Celtic goddess of fertility and sensuality, Flidais. She represents the dual nature of humanity through the dichotomy of her persona. She's simultaneously wild, ethereal, sensual, and nurturing, thus highlighting the multidimensional aspects of femininity.

Beneath the Waves

This solo combines burlesque, ballet, contemporary dance, and shibari self-ties to explore the emotional rollercoaster of submission. The aim is to capture the beauty in giving yourself over to another person in a scenario where trust is sacrosanct as well as the challenges that come with this vulnerability.


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